DT Guest

WSMHS 73 resized for webI’m David (DT) Guest, Managing Director of Workshop Media.

I’m a Lancaster University Alumni with a 2:1 BA Honours in Culture, Media and Communication boasting over 10 years experience in the industry with a portfolio ranging from feature films, music videos, documentaries and corporate communications.

I’m a Welshman, proud of my country but regularly shake my head at the rugby team.

Although I’m responsible for the strategy, direction and leadership of Workshop Media, I specialise in documentary filmmaking and copy writing.  I take charge of the strategic and tactical actions that underpin what we produce to ensure that the goals of the content are met.

My job is finding the best way of telling a story, by capturing important moments that excite, engage and inform and translating that into a direction that aligns with the message and desired results.

I’d be the first person to confess that I’m a little biased regarding myself but if you want to check out my LinkedIn page you can see what other people think.

I’m always happy to extend my network so if you feel it would be of mutual value please feel free to link in with me.


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