Marketing Blog

If you want news on how to make the most out of video online to promote your business our marketing blog is a good place to start.

Workshop Media likes to keep up to date with the latest updates to platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter all of which offer different support for video content.

If you see something that peaks your interest feel free to get in touch with the Workshop Team to find out more.

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Marketing Blog Subject Index

DT’s Journal
– A series of blogs from the mind of Managing Director DT Guest.
David’s Journal – Analysis and speculation (some wild) from Marketing Director David Forrest.
Video Marketing – A series of posts on using video to market your business.
Social Networks – Posts on the many social networks that are now major players in online video.
Event Video – A series of posts on using video to capture the value of your event.

The marketing blog is an opportunity to practice what we preach, giving away some goodies about what we do. It also gives us a chance to experiment with new ideas to see what works and how.

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