Lancaster BID – AGM Year in Review Highlight Video

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Lancaster BID approached us to work with them throughout the year of their events to capture footage from each event to create a video report that clearly demonstrated in pictures, words and numbers how the BID has the town centre to prosper.

We worked with the BID to ensure all the footage capture was maximised in promotional videos for future events as well as highlights of past events.  The videos have had an ever-increasing reach though the different channels of the BID and have made an impact with general public and the BID’s target audience of levy payers.

“The team really took the time to understand what we wanted from our videos and have helped us utilise the videos… Having the footage captured throughout the year, which can be turned into an annual review of our work is the most important tool for us, as it allows us to show our Levy Payers exactly what they are getting for their annual contributions.”

Lancaster BID, Manager Rachael Wilkinson